Venus In Chains 

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(Recordings were made for headphone listening... so,
 quiet surroundings, headphones or quality surround sound are recommended for maximum indulgence.)


Who is PersepHades ..  


(Answering a knock on the heavy, creaking oak door is a very tall, broad-shouldered man clad in a mask and a clean, pressed suit.)

"Thank you for coming, and welcome to this virtual dungeon of stories. PersepHades is the incarnation of Persephone and Hades, in female human form.  She awaits her love of long ago, and will not rest until they have found each other, and he has come to claim her once more.  In the waiting period, she has become a prisoner to her longing.  Knowing that her volatile insides do not fit into this world today, she has collected her dreams, her fantasies, her torment, and her silent calls.  The stories tell of her scavenged tools, necessary rituals and ways of discipline to keep quiet, and turn her inside world into pieces of cryptic art.  Sometimes you can actually hear the rain that she craves, pouring down.  Sometimes you can hear cavern walls dripping behind her.  Perhaps you hear the sounds of time... maybe you feel the wind blowing.  She has been known to distort words and her voice, to emphasize things.  And there are times when her voice seems to be coming from somewhere out in the ether, just barely making its way through...

Please feel free to wander around. There will be joy, yes.  But there will also be liquid lust, sheer anger, pure fear and powerful pain.  However, building this lush home for these things within PersepHades allows her to embrace gratitude, while she is enslaved in her human body.  You are invited to enjoy these works... explore, read, listen and respond!  To those who find offense, this place may not be for you."

Let us celebrate constructive vices...

PersepHades truly appreciates, deeply respects and gently supports the artist in everyone. May our inner artist, and inner supporter of the arts, continue to grant catharsis to the suffering and euphoria in us all!  
She is graciously yours,
PersepHades (aka Venus)

To all outside of her obsessive focus, this is not an invitation. This is a bloodletting...

All original works; by PersepHades copyright 2017.